The Vision of Vee Telecom Multimedia on WiMAX and its Deployment Plan
Dr. Yennun Huang, General Manager of Vee Telecom Multimedia

Vee Telecom Multimedia's mission is to provide the best information, communication and entertainment (ICE) services in Taiwan. Vee Telecom Multimedia Co. (or simply Vee) has provided cable TV service and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband access services for years. Recently, Vee has launched Vee TV service based on IPTV technology to give customers an interactive way to watch TV programs. We believe that the traditional HFC infrastructure and analog signal can no longer satisfy people's needs to receive TV entertainment. As the digital convergence is coming and fiber network can provide much larger and stable bandwidth, Vee has built up a very comprehensive fiber infrastructure in Taichung area and is expanding the fiber network into all counties in central Taiwan. In the first half of 2009, Vee will also launch VeePhone service using voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology. With all of the above services available in 2009, Vee will be the only triple-play service company in Taiwan using an all-IP network to provide communication and entertainment services.  In 2007, Vee Telecom Multimedia was awarded WiMAX license, which makes the digital convergence between wired and wireless services possible. Combining FTTH, IPTV and VOIP with WiMAX, Vee will become a truly Quadruple-Play operator which can provide the best ICE services anytime and anywhere using any device.


Vee Telecom Multimedia will focus on two major infrastructures built-ups in 2009 - one is on the expansion of fiber network in central Taiwan, and the other is on the deployment of WiMAX network. We understand that customers do not care how they receive services but care about the quality and price of the services. With the advantages of WiMAX mobility and the FTTH scalability, Vee can provide seamless ICE services for consumers anytime and anywhere with a very competitive price.


Recently, Vee has just completed the merger of eMax. With the combined resource in both companies, we are aggressively planning and implementing our WiMAX network. All the base station testing and network planning have been completed. Vee will select a base station vendor for the Taichung area and start our ASN and CSN network deployment soon. In the first phase of deployment, Vee will install more than 300 base stations in Taichung area by the second half of 2009 to cover more than 70% of population in this area. We schedule to launch quadruple-play WiMAX services in the second half of 2009. After the launch of WiMAX service in Taichung, we will replicate our WiMAX network infrastructure in Taichung to other counties in central and south Taiwan gradually in coming years. With all of the network infrastructures we have, we can integrate VeePhone, fiber broadband communication (VeeNet), interactive VeeTV and VeeMobile services together to satisfy all customers' information, communication and entertainment needs. Vee Telecom Multimedia will be the first and only telecom service provider in Taiwan which can provide video, voice, data and mobile services using an all-IP network.


One key advantage for WiMAX will be its value-added services which can be provided to all customers anywhere and anytime in Taiwan. With the advantage of high-speed mobile communication that WiMAX can provide, many new services will be deployed in the near future. For example, VeeTV customers can watch the same TV program at home, in office, inside a train, in subway or on beach using any device such as TV, PC, mobile phone, mobile internet device (MID) and/or smart phone. In addition to the VeeTV service, we currently design and experiment many new ICE services such as video conferencing, surveillance, personal hot-spot, remote health care, telematics, location-based services, etc. In the near future, we believe that WiMAX services will become essential in people's life, and the seamless quadruple-play services from Vee Telecom Multimedia will become necessity in every household. Using our advanced FTTH and WiMAX networks, Vee Telecom Multimedia will bring the freedom of mobility to consumers with a brand new experience of information, communication and entertainment services.

 Author's Bio

Dr. Yennun Huang, General Manager of Vee Telecom Multimedia

Dr. Huang received his BS in EE from National Taiwan University in 1982, MS and PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland. He joined AT&T Bell Labs in 1989, working on software tools and technologies to improve the reliability and security of telecommunication services with Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software. His work on Software Implemented Fault Tolerance (SwiFT) tools was applied to more than 25 systems in AT&T and was named one of the ten major technology breakthroughs in Bell Laboratories in 1992.  He was the only Bell Labs representative to receive the Lucent Commemorating Stock Certificate and a recipient of Computerworld Smithsonian Award in 1998 on the SwiFT technology.  He became a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Bell Labs in 1996. Yennun Huang was also a Visiting Professor, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan in 1996.  He became a department head to start the Dependable Computing Research Program in AT&T in 1999.  He left AT&T in 2001 and became the VP of Engineering of PreCache Inc, a Sony-Funded startup company, to create NetInjector, a multi-media content delivery platform. Dr. Huang was a Visiting Research Fellow in National Taiwan University in 2004.  He returned to AT&T in late 2004 and became the Director of Dependable Distributed Computing and Communication Research Department.   He became an Executive Director in AT&T Labs in January 2007, responsible for improving the dependability and quality of emerging telecommunication services such as mobile TV, digital home and IPTV.   Dr. Huang has more than 17 US patents awarded, 10 US patents pending and more than 60 papers published in well-known journals and conferences.   Dr. Huang returned to Taiwan to take the Executive Vice President position of Institute for Information Industry, a government funded R&D organization with more than 1800 employees, to lead the R&D effort in 2007.  He was responsible for the WiMAX technology development in the M-Taiwan project.  In October 2008, Dr. Huang became the General Manager/President of Vee Telecom Multimedia to build the most reliable WiMAX network and services in Taiwan.



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